Thursday, November 26, 2009

Ruby Doll Craft-Along Step 4 - Week 4

Step 4) Make a small cut on each side of the neck (making sure not to cut into the stitches) and make the small notches around her head on the bottom curved corners of her dress. Turn Doll right side out and stuff to your heart's content!
Blinkstitch the opening closed and enjoy you new Ruby Doll.

My Doll finshed

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ruby Doll Craft-Along Step 3 - Week 3

3) Embellishing: You may now want to embellish the front of the doll with buttons, trims, embroidery, ect or you may want to wait untill the doll is assembled. For the example I made, I stitched some lace onto the skirt (where piece C meets Piece B)and attached a bow button on the side of the face.

Assembling the doll: Take one side of the doll and lay it right-side up. Place arms into position using marked arm guides. Arms should be pointing inwards and downward.
Base or pin arms in place. Place legs into position with toes pointing in whatever direction you choose. Baste or int into place. See Diagram on the instructions you printed out.

Take the other side of the doll and lay it on top with right-side down so that right sides are facing each other. Pin in place ensuring both all edges line up. Stitch around the doll using 5mm seam allowance and leave an opening as marked on the pattern.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Work In Progress Pics

Mel emailed me a picture of her WIP - Looks Great!!!!

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ruby Doll Craft-Along Step 2 - Week 2

Step 2 Head & Body: For one side of the doll, with right sides facing, sew Piece A to Piece B using the tabs as a guide ( use the dotted line as the seam guide when joining the two pieces). Then with right sides facing, sew one piece C to the bottom of Piece B. Again use the tabs as a guide. Repeat for the other side of the doll. Press/iron down seams.

FACE: At this point you should have two head/body pieces, two (stuffed) arm and two stuffed legs. You may want to attach the face (Piece F) or after the doll has be assembled. Position the face in the centre of the head. To attach, use the stitch of your choice and simply stitch around the face. ALso stitch on the cheeks ( piece G) and embroider eyes and mouth ( Don't be afraid to try different expressions!). I also cut a small piece of small felt for some hair.

Here is a Pic of what i have done - I did not add cheekys

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Ruby Doll Craft-Along Step 1 - Week 1

Step 1

Trace each of the labelled pieces onto paper and cut out.
Trace or pin the pieces to your chosen fabric and cut out the specified number for
each piece. Note that pieces A, B, C, E & E already include a 5MM seam Allowance.
Arms & Legs: With right ides facing, sew the arm pieces (piece D) together using a
5MM allowance so that you end up with 2 separate arms. Then turn right side out and
stuff each arm. Once stuffed Stitch the opening closed. Do the same wiht the legs
(piece E).

Here is a pic of mime